X is for (e)Xtravaganza

imageOk, happy to admit I struggled with this one. Not a fan of the Uncanny Xmen or Xavier Rudd, so I had to take some liberties here. I noticed that Paul Kelly had to skip X (along with V).  Not a real story to go with this one either, but I’ll try to make something good up anyway.

One of my favourite things is a really good Scottish accent. Case in point Ms Kelly McDonald. A mighty fine looking lass, but her voice, it just does it for me.  Might be the Scottish blood in my veins.

My great-great-grandmother, Hannah Strathdee, was born in Aberdeen in 1858, following many generations of Strathdee’s born in the Deeside and north-east of Scotland.

Family folklore has it that she played the organ at the old Kirk in Crathie, where the Royal Family would worship while residing at Balmoral Castle. Queen Victoria had a new Kirk built shortly after Hannah moved to Australia, so while very special to visit in 2014, it was slightly removed from the family history.

My wonderful genealogist Mother has documented a little more about Hannah and Guiseppe, and let me tell you, it’s a very cool, romantic tale of stowaways, love letters and a very short engagement!

Now where was I? Oh, X music.

My love of things Scotland (I’ll pass on the haggis thanks) saw me take an interest when I first heard about a Lively Scottish singer, KT Tunstall. Releasing Eye to the Telescope in 2004, KT had a hit single with Suddenly I See, but I remember hearing her talking about how she wanted that album to sound. More raw, more acoustic, less production. I quite liked the single, but I liked the sound of her preference more.

18 months after she released KT Tunstall’s Acoustic Extravaganza. Recorded in a lounge room on Skye and drilled a hole into the downstairs studio. I like her even more because she’s a Tom Waits fan, and told popentertainment.com that she wanted this to be the “bastard offspring” of Wait’s Bone Machine and Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

So my X offering is from KT Tunstall’s Acoustic Extravaganza, Ashes. NB: there are a couple of swears for the sensitive out there (Bill?).

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