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Z is for Zoo Station. Last stop.

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January 11 2015 948On 1 July 2014 I embarked on a month long, A to Z of music that has touched or influenced me in some way. And here we are, July, two years on, and our A to Z journey is coming to an end. The journey was enriched by the tunes of Paul Kelly, Tom Waits, the Finns, even I got a run, or two, or three?

Oddly enough, we end where a significant part of my musical life started. I am well and truly old enough to have a cassette collection. From the admirable (Blue Sky Mining – Midnight Oil) to the cringe-worthy (Waking Up the Neighbours – Bryan Adams), to Genesis: The Shorts, which I’m still a little confused by.

On the way home from church, a quick google of the calendar suggests December 27th, 1992, my family made a trip to the old Brashs store on Canterbury Road in Punchbowl. For those who don’t remember Brashs, it was basically an old fashioned JB Hifi/HMV/Best Buy, depending on where you are from, selling music and electrical equipment. Continue reading

Y is for You’ll Understand

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20160717_004446Sometime a song comes quickly and is written in 15 minutes. Sometimes a song takes months of careful crafting to a state of near perfection. Sadly, neither of these really describes the way that I experience songwriting. Sure, I’ve been lucky enough to capture words and music in what felt like a second, but generally, I’ll write a few words on a page and forget about them. One of these took me 17 years to find and finish! You’ll understand was finished in early 2016 and features on the Fairweather Friends debut album ‘All Life’s Weather” (available through our Facebook page – send us a message!).

You’ll Understand started off as a good old-fashioned Old Testament lament. How long? How far? Woe is me. I feel like it turned into something else after I picked it up, some 12 months after originally penning the bulk of the song.

When I was at theological college, there was one particular lecturer who could only see the lament. I think she sought out the wrongs of the world in order to build up some sort of artificial outrage, yelling at screaming at God, or g*d or whatever she said. Let’s just say that she an I didn’t often see eye-to-eye, and she is one of the primary reasons that I deferred college and why I never made it back. Continue reading

X is for (e)Xtravaganza

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imageOk, happy to admit I struggled with this one. Not a fan of the Uncanny Xmen or Xavier Rudd, so I had to take some liberties here. I noticed that Paul Kelly had to skip X (along with V). ¬†Not a real story to go with this one either, but I’ll try to make something good up anyway.

One of my favourite things is a really good Scottish accent. Case in point Ms Kelly McDonald. A mighty fine looking lass, but her voice, it just does it for me.  Might be the Scottish blood in my veins. Continue reading

V is for Via Chicago

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imageToday marks 15 years since I married the love of my life. 15 years.

2001, the year Wikipedia was founded, the year Windows XP was released, George W Bush rose to power, John Howard retained and the Twin Towers fell. We lost George Harrison, Nigel Hawthorne, Joey Ramone and Douglas Adams.

I was a mere 20 year old for all bar 15 days of 2001, and despite ‘wise’ folks saying we were too young, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m glad she agreed to come for the journey too! Continue reading

U is for Under the Milky Way

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IMG_0417 - CopyI almost became the lead singer of a pub rock band. Then I left, then the singer left, then they got a new singer and then they asked me back. Then I left, then the new singer left, then they got the first singer back.

Anyway, the singer, the first one, couldn’t make rehearsals for various reasons for a few months, and during that time I managed to convince the rest of the band that I may have proven myself to be able to hold a note and that I should get a couple of songs in the set (thus beginning the course of actions that lead to me and then the singer leaving, for the first time).

How rock and roll is that? Continue reading