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Ain’t No Words for the Things I’m Feeling…

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1915 – A tribute

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Today is ANZAC Day, a day when Australia and New Zealand remember those who have died and served in the defence forces in theatres of war, in peacekeeping and rebuilding missions.  Although I’d ultimately say I’m a pacifist, and that I would prefer that military intervention not be necessary, this is no reason to remember those who have already risked their lives for the welfare of other all over the world. Continue reading

Is Australia a racist country?

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Spurred into action by the repulsive 7pm project advertising the same subject on their program on Monday night, I present my diatribe, written a while ago, finished today.

One answer is to simply say no.  Just like a country can’t be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, to any generalised comment like ‘Australia is a racist country’ will bring out tens or hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of individuals who will buck that trend.

On the other hand, it would be very easy to ignore semantics and indeed proclaim Australia as an inherently racist and violent nation.

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It only goes up over your head…and through your fingers

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I just had an interesting conversation with a visitor to the Library who found a passage in ‘Atheist Delusions’ by David Bentley Hart.  He talked about Christians looking upon people with Downs Syndrome and other illnesses as still being in the Image of God and therefore having worth and value as human beings (that was my paraphrase).  There was a connection with wilderness experiences. Continue reading

Time, the moment and the split second

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We’ve all had our own taste of mortality. Yes, there is and time is, is slipping away. The only answer to that is – live in the now, this split second and then you’re always there, it never goes away. That’s how people live forever is if you always live in the now, you’re always in it.

– Richard Hammond Continue reading