V is for Via Chicago

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imageToday marks 15 years since I married the love of my life. 15 years.

2001, the year Wikipedia was founded, the year Windows XP was released, George W Bush rose to power, John Howard retained and the Twin Towers fell. We lost George Harrison, Nigel Hawthorne, Joey Ramone and Douglas Adams.

I was a mere 20 year old for all bar 15 days of 2001, and despite ‘wise’ folks saying we were too young, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m glad she agreed to come for the journey too! Continue reading

U is for Under the Milky Way

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IMG_0417 - CopyI almost became the lead singer of a pub rock band. Then I left, then the singer left, then they got a new singer and then they asked me back. Then I left, then the new singer left, then they got the first singer back.

Anyway, the singer, the first one, couldn’t make rehearsals for various reasons for a few months, and during that time I managed to convince the rest of the band that I may have proven myself to be able to hold a note and that I should get a couple of songs in the set (thus beginning the course of actions that lead to me and then the singer leaving, for the first time).

How rock and roll is that? Continue reading

T is for Time and Tom times Two

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20160712_185231Back to T. I have 423 songs in my digital library starting with T, and that is excluding all of the The… songs. TNT, Talking to a Stranger, Tears in Heaven, Telegraph Road, That Ain’t Bad, The Theme from Rawhide…

Then there’s artists like Tex, Don and Charlie, Tim Finn, the Traveling Wilburys, the Triffids and, Tom Wait.

Tom is an acquired taste. He is charismatic, theatrical and engaging. I read somewhere that his late 70s drunken persona was just an act. His interviews with Dave Letterman and Don Lane are golden TV moments. With a fling of glitter he was the centre of attenion onstage.

Orphans, Alice and Rain Dogs are right near the top of my all-time favourite albums.

Continue reading

W is for a Wonderful World and Wonky alphabet

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13620228_1077543238988820_6181925629216447383_nI know, I know. T, U and V come before W, but today is special.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandmother. I had a pretty special bond with her, and I love and miss her dearly.

Her line of the family has some Aboriginal heritage. A few years ago I met a traditional Aboriginal healer, a spiritual man. One of the first things he said to me was that there was a lady with me in spirit. He said she wasn’t a happy lady, but she was happy to be walking with me.

Grandma wasn’t the happiest of campers, and I’d guess that most people wouldn’t be associating the song made famous by Louis Armstrong, What a wonderful World. This video in particular, a 1968 TV performance from what I can gather, makes me think of her. I don’t know, I think it is him more than the song, his mannerisms just make me think of her. Continue reading

S for So Many Songs

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IMG_0645S is for So Many Songs, and also Spoons, one of the most under-appreciated instruments.

According to the internet over 10% of words start with the letter S, which is precisely why I have decided to include a disproportionate amount of S songs. Continue reading