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Z is for Zoo Station. Last stop.

Posted in A to Z, Music with tags , , , , , on July 18, 2016 by EnglishStreet

January 11 2015 948On 1 July 2014 I embarked on a month long, A to Z of music that has touched or influenced me in some way. And here we are, July, two years on, and our A to Z journey is coming to an end. The journey was enriched by the tunes of Paul Kelly, Tom Waits, the Finns, even I got a run, or two, or three?

Oddly enough, we end where a significant part of my musical life started. I am well and truly old enough to have a cassette collection. From the admirable (Blue Sky Mining – Midnight Oil) to the cringe-worthy (Waking Up the Neighbours – Bryan Adams), to Genesis: The Shorts, which I’m still a little confused by.

On the way home from church, a quick google of the calendar suggests December 27th, 1992, my family made a trip to the old Brashs store on Canterbury Road in Punchbowl. For those who don’t remember Brashs, it was basically an old fashioned JB Hifi/HMV/Best Buy, depending on where you are from, selling music and electrical equipment. Continue reading