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United Nations Cricket Club

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My first Baggy Cap

Watching the England cricket team playing with a top order of South African born players, with a Irishman thrown into the middle order reminded me of a story.

Way back in the summer of 1991-2, a young Belmore lad made his comp cricket debut in the Canterbury & Western Suburbs Junior Cricket Association.

The young lad was me. The team was Lakemba Sports & Recreation Club Cricket Club. I was presented with my two-tone green baggy cap, and made my debut at Henley Park, Enfield. I strode out to bat, a 10, almost 11 year old, playing in under 12s, leaving behind with my kit bag any trace of confidence that may have, at any stage, been present.

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Happy Birthday Gar

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Walter & Eileen, 1971

Walter & Eileen, 1971

My maternal Grandfather would have been 100 years old today. Continue reading

Library 2.1

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There is a lot of hot air going around about the changing nature of the internet (web 2.0) and libraries (library 2.0).  A lot of middle aged ladies (and Stephen Fry for web 2.0) are making a lot of noise about how the systems as we know them MUST change.  And they have.  Continue reading

Internal combustion

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I have this internal dilemma.
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It only goes up over your head…and through your fingers

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I just had an interesting conversation with a visitor to the Library who found a passage in ‘Atheist Delusions’ by David Bentley Hart.  He talked about Christians looking upon people with Downs Syndrome and other illnesses as still being in the Image of God and therefore having worth and value as human beings (that was my paraphrase).  There was a connection with wilderness experiences. Continue reading