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Happy Wesley Day

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May 24 is the day marked to celebrate the contributions of John and Charles Wesley to the church and to 18th century Britain and beyond. Continue reading

Charles Wesley – Christian of the Week #6

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By Wesley Gleeson – also published at

The influence of Charles Wesley on the modern Church is, at best, understated.  Charles is well known for his hymn-writing, penning some of the best known and loved hymns, with dozens still sung every Sunday around the world.  Some of his more recognisable hymns include O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing, And Can it be, Jesu, Lover of My Soul, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling and, probably most popular of all, the original text of Hark, the Herald Angels Sing (originally Hark, how all the welkin rings).   Continue reading

Soothing the soul of a bibliophile

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The bibliophile in me was more than satisfied earlier in the week. I placed an order last week for a facsimile of Charles Wesley: Seen in his finer and less familiar poems (1867) along with the three volumes of Unpublished poetry of Charles Wesley. Although the former book was sent before the three volumes, the three volumes arrived on Monday, with the other yet to be seen!

I also got a beautiful three volume Life and Times of John Wesley by Tyneman, published in 1873. This is a chronological biography, with each year of Wesley’s life described using his letters and journals and those of people around him (Charles Wesley, George Whitefield among others).

Also acquired were a two part History of the Sermon from around 1910, and The land and the book from the 1880s.

Two more recent theology texts were a 1st English edition of Karl Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline and Emil Brunner’s Dogmatics.

Now the challenge is to actually read some of it!  Wish me luck.

Now, I take a back seat!

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After 13 years at school, an Arts degree, a Science degree and a Science Masters, my beautiful wife has today commenced her first full-time job as an Audiologist.  She is 5 months younger than me, has been working toward this job for the last 5 years, but still thinks that she has left it late to go into a profession. Continue reading

Charles Wesley – Desiring Death

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To languish for his native air
Can the poor wandering exile cease?
The tired his wish of rest forbear?
The tortured help desiring ease?
The slave no more for freedom sigh,
Or I no longer pine to die?

As shipwrecked mariners desire
With eager grasp to reach the shore,
As hirelings long to obtain their hire,
And veterans wish their warfare o’er,
I languish from this earth to flee,
And gasp for immortality.

To heaven I lift my mournful eyes,
And all within me groans, how long ?
O were I landed in the skies !
The bitter loss, the cruel wrong,
Should there no more my soul molest,
Or break my everlasting rest.

No faithless friend shall there be found
To mock me with his offers vain,
By deep ingratitude to wound,
To cause, and then upbraid my pain,
To leave me at my greatest need,
Or trample on my sinking head.

In that Jerusalem above
No pain the happy spirit meets ;
No sense of ill-requited love,
No sad complaining in their streets.
Crying, and curse, and death are o’er ;
And there temptation is no more.

O could I break this fleshly fence,
Drop all my sorrows in the tomb,
On angels’ wings remove from hence,
And fly this happy moment home,
Quit the dark house of mouldering clay,
And launch into eternal Day !

from ‘Charles Wesley seen in his finer and less familiar poems’, 1878.