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V is for Via Chicago

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imageToday marks 15 years since I married the love of my life. 15 years.

2001, the year Wikipedia was founded, the year Windows XP was released, George W Bush rose to power, John Howard retained and the Twin Towers fell. We lost George Harrison, Nigel Hawthorne, Joey Ramone and Douglas Adams.

I was a mere 20 year old for all bar 15 days of 2001, and despite ‘wise’ folks saying we were too young, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m glad she agreed to come for the journey too! Continue reading

MN is for a lapse in posting

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I’ve been getting a little behind in my A to Z project over the last couple of days so I’m going to double post and combine my Ms and Ns. Besides, they look and sound alike anyway.

So what better way to get into it than with the Muppets. On (I’m pretty sure) the first sgow came one of the most iconic skits – Mna Mna (or Munah Munah, Manah Manah or Mah Na Mah Na). The song was apparently originally written for the soundtrack to a soft-core porn movie (Going to have to close comments for this post now aren’t I?).

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E is for Either Way

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E for Electric Guitar

E is for Either Way, Wilco’s first incursion in my A to Z, but unlikely to be the last.

Either Way is the first track on the first Wilco album I listened to, 2007’s Sky Blue Sky. I bought Sky Blue Sky while my wife had abandoned me with at work and travelled to Samoa with her family. It was January 2008, Australia were playing cricket against India in a spiteful series that made a little bit of my love of the game die. 18 months after leaving theological college I was still in a bad place with depression. Little did I know that my job, which I enjoyed at the time, was soon to implode at the hand of an irrational backstabbing manager.

I put the CD in, having no idea what to expect. I’d only really listened to one Wilco song properly, somewhere coming across another Sky Blue Sky song “What Light” – where singer Jeff Tweedy is channeling his inner John Lennon. A warm, mellow guitar, broken by a broken voice…
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I keep the ends out for the tie that binds

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13175736525_37fab1a53a_oBack in April 2009 It Only Goes Up to Your Knees was born. I didn’t know what I was doing then, and I still don’t now. At least I don’t have to mess around with FrontPage anymore.

I started the blog at the same time as I started a new job in a library. New inspiration required a new outlet, and I guess now, 7 years on is no different. Being thoroughly disappointed, disillusioned and disconnected with my current job & seemly smacking my head against a brick wall of ‘career development and progression’ I’m finding it necessary to re-evaluate everything, and the inspiration might just be coming back.

So to the point, 7 years in and I have finally reached this, my 100th post. So like any good cricketer, once I get to 100, I need to start again at 0. To everyone who has read a post, inspired a post (good or bad) – Jeff Tweedy in particular, I think 4/5ths or more of page views are as a result of a Jeff Tweedy search – , commented, contributed ideas etc. etc., dead or alive, a heartfelt thanks goes to you.  Read on, wherever you are.

Here’s to another 100 highways. Continue reading

A Musical Journey – Part 4 – Oh No, Not You Again.

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In this fourth and final installment, we’ll leave the Kelly’s behind us and take on some of the other famous names of Australian rock.  Barnes and Moss with Cold Chisel and Reyne with Australian Crawl were just a few of the leading lights of the Australian music scene in the late 1970s and into the 80s.

It would surely be seen as unfair for me to say that, on the whole, there hasn’t been a great deal of iconic music created in the last 15 years or so.  I’m obviously very wrong and even more out touch looking at the very recent Triple J ‘Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All-Time’, which was packed with albums, perhaps as much as 50%, being produced in the last 10 years. Continue reading