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I keep the ends out for the tie that binds

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13175736525_37fab1a53a_oBack in April 2009 It Only Goes Up to Your Knees was born. I didn’t know what I was doing then, and I still don’t now. At least I don’t have to mess around with FrontPage anymore.

I started the blog at the same time as I started a new job in a library. New inspiration required a new outlet, and I guess now, 7 years on is no different. Being thoroughly disappointed, disillusioned and disconnected with my current job & seemly smacking my head against a brick wall of ‘career development and progression’ I’m finding it necessary to re-evaluate everything, and the inspiration might just be coming back.

So to the point, 7 years in and I have finally reached this, my 100th post. So like any good cricketer, once I get to 100, I need to start again at 0. To everyone who has read a post, inspired a post (good or bad) – Jeff Tweedy in particular, I think 4/5ths or more of page views are as a result of a Jeff Tweedy search – , commented, contributed ideas etc. etc., dead or alive, a heartfelt thanks goes to you.  Read on, wherever you are.

Here’s to another 100 highways. Continue reading

A Musical Journey – Part 5 – JR Wilbury

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So Part 5 of my Insomniacs Guide to YouTube.

OK, I got an idea for YouTubing from trawling through the Wikipedia article of the Travelling Wilburys & seeing a reference to ‘Ayrton Wilbury’, apparently a pseudonym for George Harrison’s son Dhani to honour F1 driver Ayrton Senna, a friend of George.

Although I confess to not being part of the Wilburys, I will take this opportunity to mark my respects to another great race driver, Jason Richards who died last week of cancer. Continue reading

A Musical Journey – Part 2 – I’m Not A Country Fan…But

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Welcome back to the ongoing journey through a long sleepless night on YouTube.  In Part 1 we had a look at some of the best & worst, well worst & not-too-bad amateur YouTube cover versions.  Tonight we wade into some more professional cover versions.

I don’t remember how I got from Kelly to this guy but I got to a cheesy bloke singing songs by The Beatles (She’s Leaving Home) & Johnny Cash (I can’t remember, something early) but I can’t find him either.  He had lots of videos and seemed quite popular.  Sometimes he even held (didn’t play) a guitar & took requests. Continue reading

Ain’t No Grave

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My beautiful wife came home yesterday with a bright yellow bag for me.  I opened it to find a copy of the latest, and last, set of studio recordings of the late, great, J R (Johnny) Cash.  I’ve been reading an essay by Robert Gribben in the book Christian Worship in Australia for a project I’m involved in.  He argues for the need for the commemoration of saints within the Reformed Christian tradition, and by God, Johnny Cash is one man deserving of commemoration. Continue reading

Christian of the Week #2: Judas Iscariot

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Well, I guess he is…

Chris Gollan: Judas Iscariot & The MagdaleneChris Gollon: Judas Iscariot & The Magdalene

Chris Gollan: Judas Iscariot & The Magdalene

depending on how you look at him… Continue reading