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I think Bryan Adams must have poor technique

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954757_576477059049370_793760150_nSome months back the partner of a friend caught whiff that I played guitar & asked me to join his band. All well and good, except that a) he’d never heard me play; b) he hadn’t asked the other members if they wanted a new guitarist; c) He’d only joined the band a month earlier himself.  I just hoped that the amount of alcohol he was consuming would wipe the memory of the offer away and things would get back to normal. My self-confidence has for many years restricted my public performance to special occasions, for instance – NEVER.

A month or so later, a mutual friend dropped by our place & said that Craig had been asking questions about me. “He asked me does Wes actually play guitar or is he just stringing me along?”. Our mutual friend answered him & said that she’d never heard me play but that she’d seen guitars at my home. She sent him a phone message with a photo of a couple of guitars. Continue reading

A Musical Journey – Part 3 – The Kelly Episode

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Part 2 of this journey through an insomniac’s night at the YouTubes concluded with a performance by Katy Steele & Paul Kelly.

Paul Kelly was my first live gig. 1997 at the Wagga Wagga Music Bowl.  Front row, on the dirt, as my brother said, ‘close enough to smell his farts’.  We didn’t.  14 years on, & I now live a stones throw from this very venue (can’t wait for the Carols by candlelight).  I saw this on a DVD a while back.  Very funny stuff.  I like Paul, I like Dan too.  At least watch the first 1:18 of this clip.  This is Paul Kelly with Careless off the Live Apples DVD.

Continue reading

A Musical Journey – Part 2 – I’m Not A Country Fan…But

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Welcome back to the ongoing journey through a long sleepless night on YouTube.  In Part 1 we had a look at some of the best & worst, well worst & not-too-bad amateur YouTube cover versions.  Tonight we wade into some more professional cover versions.

I don’t remember how I got from Kelly to this guy but I got to a cheesy bloke singing songs by The Beatles (She’s Leaving Home) & Johnny Cash (I can’t remember, something early) but I can’t find him either.  He had lots of videos and seemed quite popular.  Sometimes he even held (didn’t play) a guitar & took requests. Continue reading

A Musical Journey – Part I – Beginners Luck

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Insomnia can be a wonderful thing.  It just depends what you do with it.  I will occasionally get up & watch terrible overnight TV (like the recent live coverage of the News International inquiry).

A few nights ago, I took a musical journey through the wondrous archives of YouTube.  Give or take, here is a rough outline of my journey in a number of parts.  Please feel free to watch none or all of the clips or somewhere in between,  feel free to leave your own classics in the comments. Continue reading

My Hessie’s Gone Bung

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Inspired by my new Tumblr friend, Italianplastic, I thought I’d post a tribute to my all-time favorite drummer, the late Paul Hester.

Hessie was drummer in two of my favourite bands. He was drafted into Split Enz shortly before they broke up in 1984, and remained with Neil Finn to be a foundation member of The Mullanes, who came to fame under the name Crowded House.

In spite of the prodigious songwriting talent of Neil Finn, I don’t think that Crowded House would have enjoyed anywhere near the success they did through the late 80s and early 90s without the presence of Hessie. Finn took lead songwriting credits on almost all Crowdies albums. Hester had only two songs recorded, Italian Plastic on Woodface and Skin Feeling on Together Alone. It was Hester’s presence as much as his drumming that contributed to the band’s success. Continue reading