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Y is for You’ll Understand

Posted in A to Z, Music, Reflection, Theology with tags , , , , on July 17, 2016 by EnglishStreet

20160717_004446Sometime a song comes quickly and is written in 15 minutes. Sometimes a song takes months of careful crafting to a state of near perfection. Sadly, neither of these really describes the way that I experience songwriting. Sure, I’ve been lucky enough to capture words and music in what felt like a second, but generally, I’ll write a few words on a page and forget about them. One of these took me 17 years to find and finish! You’ll understand was finished in early 2016 and features on the Fairweather Friends debut album ‘All Life’s Weather” (available through our Facebook page – send us a message!).

You’ll Understand started off as a good old-fashioned Old Testament lament. How long? How far? Woe is me. I feel like it turned into something else after I picked it up, some 12 months after originally penning the bulk of the song.

When I was at theological college, there was one particular lecturer who could only see the lament. I think she sought out the wrongs of the world in order to build up some sort of artificial outrage, yelling at screaming at God, or g*d or whatever she said. Let’s just say that she an I didn’t often see eye-to-eye, and she is one of the primary reasons that I deferred college and why I never made it back. Continue reading