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I’m sitting, alone, in the pub at the bottom left (the big black bit), the Observer Hotel I think. I have the whole dining room to myself (there are people in the bar and other seating areas).

I hope that doesn’t say anything about the quality of the food I am eagerly anticipating. Apart from the thumping music there is a sense of calm, as if there aren’t hundreds of thousands of people thronging outside the front door. The line up was out the door and to the footpath for the Ribs and Burgers, to the point that there was no guarantee that there would be a seat to eat your food at when it arrived. Or is that how the place works? It was empty when I ate there last time.

Circular Quay around to Cockle Bay was chaos. Anxiety inducing chaos. So many people, too many people. I ‘did’ Vivid, for about 10 minutes, then escaped to the hotel. Peace.

PS. The food was great, rib eye, medium well, chips and pepper sauce on the side. The sauce was creamy, lovely taste.

Armageddon, or a dust storm?

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On Wednesday, September 23, 2009, many Sydneysiders became very religious apparently.  Of the near 5 million people who reside in Sydney, most of them had never seen or heard of a dust storm. Continue reading

I’m going bats

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I have the pleasure of walking the 3.5kms to work most mornings.  It is generally a pleasant trip, through Parramatta Park, North Parramatta and up Pennant Hills Road. 

By the Parramatta River, just at the north-east edge of the park is a bat colony.  They are noisy buggers, but, I find them quite interesting all the same.  They were particularly active this morning, so I got the camera out and snapped a few shots.   I quite like the lens flare too.