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X is for (e)Xtravaganza

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imageOk, happy to admit I struggled with this one. Not a fan of the Uncanny Xmen or Xavier Rudd, so I had to take some liberties here. I noticed that Paul Kelly had to skip X (along with V).  Not a real story to go with this one either, but I’ll try to make something good up anyway.

One of my favourite things is a really good Scottish accent. Case in point Ms Kelly McDonald. A mighty fine looking lass, but her voice, it just does it for me.  Might be the Scottish blood in my veins. Continue reading

T is for Time and Tom times Two

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20160712_185231Back to T. I have 423 songs in my digital library starting with T, and that is excluding all of the The… songs. TNT, Talking to a Stranger, Tears in Heaven, Telegraph Road, That Ain’t Bad, The Theme from Rawhide…

Then there’s artists like Tex, Don and Charlie, Tim Finn, the Traveling Wilburys, the Triffids and, Tom Wait.

Tom is an acquired taste. He is charismatic, theatrical and engaging. I read somewhere that his late 70s drunken persona was just an act. His interviews with Dave Letterman and Don Lane are golden TV moments. With a fling of glitter he was the centre of attenion onstage.

Orphans, Alice and Rain Dogs are right near the top of my all-time favourite albums.

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S for So Many Songs

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IMG_0645S is for So Many Songs, and also Spoons, one of the most under-appreciated instruments.

According to the internet over 10% of words start with the letter S, which is precisely why I have decided to include a disproportionate amount of S songs. Continue reading

H is for Hold On

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H is for Hold On, Hold On, I’m Coming and Hold On, I’m Coming On.

Three very different songs with similar names. Now that I’ve stated the obvious, I’ll leave it to Sam, Dave, Tom and Dan as I’ve got a migraine.

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F is for Fish

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F is for Squire Stratocaster by Fender

F is for Squire Stratocaster by Fender

F is for Fish & Bird.

In 1992 Tom Waits wrote a number of songs for a Robert Wilson play based on the life writing of Lewis Carroll and his fascination with Alice Liddell. 10 years later a studio version of some of the songs was released – Alice. Mind you, demos made in the early 1990s also  circulate on the interwebs, including the most beautiful instrumental version of Fish & Bird which I want played at my funeral.

Yesterday we had a song from Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky album. Like Sky Blue Sky, Alice is one of my favourite albums. Also like Sky Blue Sky, it has had a rough ride with some critics, labelling it as bland and boring. I guess there is no accounting for good taste. Continue reading